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The Semigrand Grand Piano Shell looks like a full-sized baby grand piano but can be assembled anywhere that a grand piano is needed, even in places that have restricted access. It is designed to accommodate an 88 note digital piano/keyboard and is available in black or white finishes. The grand piano shell is available to purchase or hire for weddings, concerts and all social events.

Modern digital piano keyboards can sound like a grand piano, but only look like a keyboard. So here's a grand piano case that houses any digital keyboard to give a sophisticated look to your performance! It weighs only 45 kg and breaks up into 8 parts, the heaviest being 10kg. This makes it ideal for gigging by one person! All the parts fit easily along with the a keyboard and amplifier to give a truly sophisticated look to your mobile performance be it classical, pop or jazz!

"I bought a Semigrand from Peter around 2014 to use for weddings and events. It looks great when set up in a wedding venue and guests think it's a real baby grand piano (until I dismantle it that is). It fits nicely in my estate car and the parts are not too heavy for one person to carry on their own. Highly recommended for any gigging pianist!"

- ed alexander


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