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Black glossy or white satin finishes available
Takes most digital piano keyboards up to 88 notes (seven and a quarter octaves) up to 1440mm wide
Keeps all connecting cables looking tidy inside the unit
Includes music reading desk
Solid feel when erected on-site, withstands energetic performances!
Standard unit accommodates one keyboard but can be adjusted to accommodate 2nd keyboard or other computer equipment.
Can be stored in a space measuring only 0.5m wide by 1.5m long and 1m high

The Semigrand collapsible grand piano shell is designed for the gigging pianist or for a venue without a grand piano. The unit is built to exactly resemble a full-sized baby grand piano but is designed for one person to assemble in less than 10 minutes and small enough to fit into an estate car or be stored in a very small cupboard. The grand piano shell is built to accomodate a full size 88 note digital keyboard and keeps all connecting cables looking tidy inside the unit

grand piano Shell - Purchase

Purchase Prices

The Semigrand grand piano shell - Black or White finish: £2495.00

Pedal lyre attachment Included

NB Keyboard not included.

Will accept most digital keyboards with 88 notes up to 1440mm wide.
We accept Credit/Debit cards or cash. Cheques must be cleared first before delivery.
We include demonstration of dismantling and construction

Prices are for collection at our workshop near Hailsham East Sussex
Delivery can be arranged at 85p per mile return from the workshop, please call for an estimate


How heavy is the unit?
The total weight is 45kg, and is transported in 8 parts. Of those 8, two parts weigh just 10kg, the other parts much less.

How quickly can the unit be assembled?
With all the 8 parts transported to site, the unit can be assembled in about 10 minutes.

What digital keyboards can I use with the unit?
Most 88 note digital keyboards can be accommodated up to 1440mm wide.


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